Welcome to Cluster Art

November 14th, 2013 by clusterart

The big day is finally here. We are so happy & proud to announce the launch of Cluster Art! If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know how much this day means to us. We can’t wait for you to take a look around.

Our site features an interactive design board where styling your memories into art has never been easier. You can easily upload your photos from Facebook and Instagram, shop our gallery of beautiful art and designs by some of the top artists, and even preview the piece on the wall.


Our fun, new video shows you exactly how you can turn your memories into beautiful artwork that grows and changes with your life. Each Cluster is specifically designed by you. It tells your story and celebrates your style through photos, memories, and beautiful art.

We would like to thank the brilliant Max & Molly Films for creating our video, the gorgeous Chris and Meghan for sharing their love story, and of course, sweet baby Penelope.

Cluster Art is a beautiful way of celebrating the everyday and sharing stories of a life well lived. We can’t wait to see what you create!

xx Karina & Tara

When Day Meets Night

October 14th, 2013 by clusterart

AMF #4 by Andrea Ubelacker

Photograph by Deborah Yun

It’s Monday. And it’s already 4:00 and the day has gone by.

Starting this business and trying to get it up and running has been all consuming. Exciting and fun and a ton of work. Our list of things to do on a daily basis is daunting. One by one, we plow through each item, generally accomplishing 80% in a given day. Pretty good. The things left get rolled over to the next day and the next until they are finally relegated to the master list of things that need to get done “sometime soon.” The good news is that they will get done someday soon, cause we are the kind of women who get things done. But there is a cost for all this doing. Today, that cost is that the day is meeting the night, and we have yet to see the day.

But watching from our desks, it looks like it was a good one! Happy Monday.

Taking Better Candid Photos

October 8th, 2013 by clusterart

We all loving taking candid photos. Capturing special, and unexpected moments in a more natural way. But getting the perfect shot can be tricky. So to help you take better candid photos, photographer Darren Rowse has created a list of helpful tips:

1. Take your camera everywhere. Taking your camera with you everywhere also helps people to be more at ease with you taking their photo. I find that my friends and family just expect me to have my camera out so when I do fire it up it’s not a signal to them to pose but it’s a normal part of our interaction – this means that they are relaxed and the photos are natural.

2. Kill the flash. There’s nothing like a blinding flash of light in the eyes to kill a moment. If possible (and it’s not always) attempt to photograph without the flash if you’re aiming for candid shots. When in lower light situations increase your ISO setting, use a faster lens, open up your aperture or if your camera has a ‘natural light mode’ turn it on.

3. Photograph people doing things. Images of people doing things tend to be much more interesting than people sitting passively doing nothing. For one your subject will be focussed upon something which adds energy to a photo (and takes their focus off you) but it also puts them in context and adds an element of story to your image.

4. Photograph people with people. Something very interesting happens when you photograph more than one person in an image at a time – it introduces relationship into the shot. Even if the two (or more) people are not really interacting in the shot it can add depth and a sense of story into the viewing of the image.

5. Shoot from the hip. If your subject is aware that you’re there and that you have your camera out they might tense up or act a little unnaturally as they see you raising your camera to the eye. The beauty of digital cameras is that it doesn’t cost you anything to take lots of shots and it can be well worth shooting without raising your camera. To do this most effectively you might want to set your lens to a wider angle setting to make up for any aiming problems you might have.

6. Frame images with foreground elements. A trick that I often use in candid shots is to purposely include something in the foreground of the shot to make it look as though I’m hiding behind it. You might do this with by shooting over someone’s shoulder, by including a little of a tree branch or the frame of a doorway.

For more tips on how to take better candid photos, read the full article.

{ Photograph via Flickr, Tips by Darren Rowse for Digital Photography School }

The Weekly Cluster & Things I Love

September 15th, 2013 by clusterart

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Oh, hello. I have been absent from life for the last few weeks. We have been working on our business plan and my head has been consumed by projections and spreadsheets. But no more! Officially finished.

Today is about catching up on everything that I have missed, including beauty. The collection this week reminds me that there is beauty in everything we see or do. Joslyn of Simple Lovely posted about a TED talk with Graham Hill in which he said that “Editing is the skill of the century.” Love it. It’s all about curation, friends. With so much out there, we need to curate the lovely.

Here are a few lovelies this week:

Being Here, Mark Garry.

1. This art installation by Mark Garry. I love how the thread illuminates as the light hits it.

2. This Mad Men-inspired wedding photographed by Christopher Currie. A good reminder that this weekend I need to finish the season of Mad Men. Wow, it’s good.

3. This home tour photographed by Dabito. Everything about his home is warm and eclectic.

4. Art and patterns by Sonia Delaunay. She was a gifted artist, who had a talent for creating whimsical, yet classic patterns and bold, innovative art.

5. This adorable photo by Shalonda Chaddock of Chubby Cheek Photography. It perfectly captures the spirit of children and their summertime art.

Hope you have a great weekend! I am off to spend the weekend with the lovelies in my home. xx

Photographing Children

September 11th, 2013 by clusterart

We had a great weekend with a pool full of kids celebrating preschool graduation. I haven’t had a moment to download the pictures, but it did get me thinking about photographing kids. Now that summer is here, it is the time when children spend long afternoons playing with friends and exploring their surroundings. These carefree days provide the perfect opportunity to photograph children in a candid way. So, forget the studios and backdrops and instead, choose to capture those perfectly imperfect moments that childhood is made of.


1. Choose an environment that allows for exploration. Your shots will be more candid if you let children roam around and play. After all, that is what children do best!


2. Relax. When you (the photographer) are calm and relaxed, your children will respond in a more natural way.


3. Shoot from different perspectives. Photograph them from above or behind to really get a sense of how they relate to their surroundings.


4. Use props or toys to provide comfort and encourage play. This is particularly effective if you are photographing shy children.


5. Get the parents involved. Nothing is more beautiful than the bond between children and their parents.

I’d love to see some of your favorite photos of your kids. Share a link here!

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